A successful marriage requires falling in
love many times, and always with the same person
— Mignon McLaughlin

Premarital Therapy

Did you know that couples that decided to do premarital therapy before they got married reported 30% higher marital satisfaction over those that did not? 

We highly recommend investing in premarital therapy as one of the first things to
include in your budget for your wedding. This celebratory day is just one day of a
lifetime lived together. Make a long-term investment and walk into your wedding
day with security and confidence for your life ahead. 

We can provide you with a safe and comfortable place to connect on a deeper level,
to set goals, and to direct you in the fundamentals that will move your relationship
to a place of sturdy connection. Our time together will give you confidence that you
are starting off well in a healthy marriage. We are warm and relatable, and due to a
high level of specialized training, education, and experience working with couples,
we have a very clear picture of the foundations that are so vital for thriving, and
successful marriages.

Healthy relationships are noticeable and become beautiful models to all those we
encounter in our world. We, at CULTIVATE, can offer hope to those who have none.
We can help you to provide children with models of functional and loving
relationships they will then be able to pass on to the families they form in the future.
This powerful impact will last for generations to come. Together we can make this
world a better, safer place as we first take some time to nourish our own marital

Premarital couples in our practice express repeatedly that they thoroughly enjoy
and look forward to their time in counseling each week. Our comprehensive package
will offer you a chance to get to know each other more deeply, plan for common
hurdles that couples face in their marriages, and learn how to fight well, as well as
much, much more. (If you are getting married by a pastor or in a church, we would be
more than happy to collaborate with your minister/pastor to include in our sessions
topics selected by him or her as a priority for discussion before the big day
Some Topics we will cover in the 8 week basic package include (but are not limited

• An assessment that highlights the couples’ current strengths and potential

  areas of growth. We will use the results of this assessment to fine tune our

  premarital plan so that it addresses the specific needs of the couple. 

• Family History/Impact of Family and Early Relationships 

• Love Languages

• Finances and Budgeting 

• Intimacy

• PREP Marital Tools for Communication  

• Three sessions dedicated to Emotionally Focused Therapy, helping couples to

  better understand the cycles that end in conflict, identify their recurring

  conflicts and discover ways to resolve these in a way that feels safe and

  results in connection.

• For Christian couples, in addition to the above, we will also cover content

  from "The Meaning of Marriage" by Tim Keller, as well as including your

  pastor/minister’s recommendations or requirements for any additional


***Please note that the topics listed above are not comprehensive. Each package is

tailored specifically to each couple's needs**


Interested in Premarital Therapy?

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