Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.
— Brene Brown

Adolescent Therapy

Preteen therapy

In our work with older children, (ages 8 and up) we employ different modalities chosen with consideration of the unique make up of your child and family. Imaginative play, games, and art are used in our approach to children at Cultivate. We engage them in interactions that allow them to feel safe, secure, and enable them to explore the places within themselves where they question, feel pain and struggle. We also work closely with parents in order to fully understand their concerns, check in on progress, and give recommendations for follow through at home. Our primary goals are for kids to understand their emotional experiences, to be able to share those with their parents, and to receive comfort and connection with them.


Adolescent Therapy

Most adolescents are skeptical about therapy and rightly so. Things aren’t going well at home or school. Consequently, these teens find themselves in an office, face to face with a complete stranger, expected to spill their secrets and work on their “feelings”.  Rather than fighting skepticism, we engage it and welcome questions, concerns, and frustrations with the process. Through these initial interactions, a relationship of mutual respect and safety grows, enabling vulnerability. We primarily employ talk therapy with teens, but include art and games in the therapeutic process as well. Adolescents often struggle with understanding their internal experiences as well as the inability to verbalize these with parents and other safe persons. In therapy, we work with teens to gain that understanding and to make the choice to turn to parents for connection and acceptance.


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