Fall 2019 workshops with bonnie hayman

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Join us!

Join us for the following workshops with Cultivate life Coach Bonnie Hayman!

All workshops will be held at Cultivate La Mesa (8355 La Mesa Blvd) from 9-11 AM.

Each workshop is $35 and tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fall-2019-workshops-with-bonnie-hayman-tickets-69236268543

Saturday September 7 // The Mystery of the Teenage Brain: Together, we will peek into the teenage brain to understand some of the developmental tasks of this age. This workshop will provide practical tools to improve communication and connection within your family.

Join us to share common frustrations and learn keys to navigating and enjoying this season!

Saturday September 21 // Friendship “Drama”: Navigating Peer Relationships: Helping our children deal with rejection, betrayal and instability in social groups can stir up a variety of feelings. This workshop will provide support and strategies to whether the many stages of friendship. We will learn how to guide our children through these challenges and how we can better manage our own friendships.

Saturday October 5th // Creating Connection and Positive Communication in Your Family: Come learn tips for creating conversation and bonds within your family. We will also talk about how to encourage strong character straits, cooperation and a sense of purpose in your child. We will share practical ways to engage your child in the world beyond electronic devices---“unplugging” in order to connect!

Saturday November 2nd // Overcoming the Frantic Family Syndrome: Expectations and busyness can make us feel like we are on a treadmill set to “hyper speed.”As the holiday season approaches, things seem to ramp up and can make us feel like we are depleted

instead of joyful! Come join us as we explore ways to settle our hearts and simplify our “to do” list so we can remain present in the midst of activity.

“The artist’s Way” 12 week workshop with David fulton


Join us!

The Artist’s Way: a 12 week workshop designed for creatives and artists who have lost their way. This therapeutically guided workshop based on Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way is a journey to recover the inner self and bring inspiration where shame and silence reside. Our collective journey will not only awaken your inner artist but will awaken your life to a sense of beauty and passion.

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Longs for more energy and inspiration

  • Suffers from procrastination or perfectionism

  • Feels they are always short on time

  • Wants to explore hidden talents

  • Wants support in realizing a project

The cost is $35 per week. A 12 week commitment is needed for enrollment as well as a copy of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Group will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30p, beginning Sept 11th at Cultivate: A Counseling Collective in University Heights.

To sign up contact david@cultivatesandiego.com today!


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