tiffany Rodrigues

M.A, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #110212 (Supervised by Lindsay Wilson, LMFT)

Contact Info: 619-356-3147 or 

Specializes in: Children, Families, Teens, Individuals, Anxiety, Depression

There are times in life when you may feel lost; searching for connection, for meaning, and for wholeness. It is my mission and my honor as a therapist to create a space where you can gain insight into what may be keeping you from feeling your best and living the life you want. With compassion and non-judgmental acceptance, I find great joy in helping you explore your emotions, relationships, fears, and goals in order work towards healing and growth—both in your life and within yourself. 

 I love working with individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. I have a passion for working alongside children and families to help create balance, healthy attachments, and relational wholeness. This same passion extends to my work with teens—helping to explore identity and self-image, developing healthy communication skills, and navigating the sometimes scary ups and downs of life. I work primarily through a cognitive-behavioral, attachment-focused lens, and have training in dynamic practices including motivational interviewing, and mindfulness. I enjoy bringing creativity into the therapeutic process, employing the use of art, journaling, and other methods that help you to better express yourself!  

 Throughout my clinical practice, I have gained understanding, knowledge, and experience in the following areas:

 -  Children and families, including behavior modification and attachment challenges

-  Challenges in teen years, including identity development

-  Anxiety

-  Depression and other Mood Disorders

-  Suicidality and/or self-injurious behaviors

-  Substance Use as it pertains to mental and emotional health

-  Life transitions and issues in young adulthood

I look forward to walking alongside you through this human experience—both the hardships and the joys—to help you find connection, meaning, and wholeness in your life. 

Education: MA, Clinical Counseling – Point Loma Nazarene University