Sally peterson



Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW 20865

Specializes in Trauma, Betrayal, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions and EMDR Trained

Contact Info: or 619-333-0369

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, it is an honor to support those who have the courage to reach out for help. Far too many suffer in silence with mood struggles such as depression and anxiety in addition to low self-worth, relational problems or difficulties with change. Help and relief are available.

My work with clients is strongly influenced by psychodynamic theory where early experiences are considered in how they may be impacting current behaviors, emotions and feelings.  Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) is integrated into my treatment as it has proven to be very efficient and effective.  I also have found Brené Brown’s shame resilience theory to be a powerful tool in my work with others.

I am particularly passionate about working with individuals who have experienced:

  • Betrayal By a Loved One
  • Discovery of Infidelity/Affair
  • Trauma 
  • Life-Altering Experiences such as Bullying, Ridiculing, Shaming, Disappointing
  • Relationship Loss or Change
  • Addiction Personally or with a Loved One
  • Life Transitions
  • A Significant Life Event (good or bad)
  • Feeling Stuck in Life and Relationships

Whether you are a teen navigating school, relationships and identity, a young adult, middle-age or older, single, married or divorced, ‘Black Sheep’ or ‘Golden Child,’ my approach is one that addresses you as a unique individual. I believe a non-judgemental and collaborative atmosphere provides a safe place for you to honestly work on current challenges as well as explore past hurts and traumas. Working together, you will identify ways to heal past wounds and navigate present hurdles in your life with more ease and confidence.


MSW — San Diego State University

BA — University of California, San Diego

Specialized Training:

·       EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and  Reprocessing - a therapeutic approach for healing the effects of traumatic and distressing life events such as abuse, neglect, loss and shame - Fully Basic Trained and working toward Certification

·       Dual Diagnosis - Five years of clinical experience working with men and women struggling with substance abuse in addition to psychiatric disorders at UCSD Outpatient Psychiatric Services

·       Clinical experience working with pregnant and parenting teens at the Door of Hope in San Diego


Memberships and Affiliations

·       CAMFT

·       EMDR Institute, Inc.

I am a California native and have been living in San Diego for over 20 years. I believe in living life outside the box and as such, my husband and I took a three year hiatus to cruise the South Pacific in our 32′ sailboat several years ago. It was a life-changing experience. I love traveling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. With our two elementary school children, my husband and I enjoy sailing, paddling, swimming, and taking Pokemon walks.