kyleigh baker bishop

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M.A, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #100581 (Supervised by Bethany Noble-Lindsay) 

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“Look down at your body 


there is no home like you.

thank you.”

- Rupi Kaur

After a series of traumatic events, I first pursued therapy as a client when I was 18 years old. For years I engaged in talk therapy, which I found to be profoundly healing at the time. I learned about why I felt so anxious, why I coped in “self-sabotaging” ways, why I picked certain people to date, why I got triggered, and why I carried so much pain in my heart. I gained deep insight about how and why things went wrong in my life, but there came a point that I still felt stuck. I was generally “happy,” but my body still occasionally felt triggered, heavy, easily irritated and overwhelmed, and always on “alert.”  One therapist told me that I would always get triggered but just needed to learn to manage it. I wondered if I had to live that way. I hated this idea that traumatic experiences would always leave a person triggered or “damaged” and quickly learned that was not true. I learned that our bodies store all of our memories and emotions and, therefore, only intellectually processing our stories wasn’t sufficient for healing. I also learned that focusing on my trauma was actually too intense for my body- only creating more tension and panicky feelings inside.  So I knew I needed to bring my body into therapy to more holistically heal. I soon discovered the world of Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence therapies (body-oriented approaches to therapy), and my life dramatically began to shift personally and professionally. Attending to my body AND mind in therapy created the deepest healing I couldn’t have imagined.

What can this mean for you?

By bringing the body into therapy, we get to witness how much it truly has carried and helped you overcome so many difficult situations, AND together we can find a way to rest, to feel peace, love, harmony, joy, and ease.  The model I use, Organic Intelligence (OI), integrates empowerment, resiliency, mindfulness, and compassion through an understanding of the body’s nervous system to resolve the devastating effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD. We can certainly make sense of your story, learn the “why’s” to your pain, learn how to cope and manage anxiety/depression/life transitions, while also tending to your body in a way that is pleasant and manageable.  

Whether you feel anxious, traumatized, unhappy in a relationship, powerless, easily irritated/jumpy, disconnected from your body, indecisive, or like you have low self-confidence, my hope is to help you live in the present moment, to get in touch with your resilience, power and intuition, and to live an authentic, enjoyable, and vibrant life that includes your mind, body, and spirit.