DO YOU TAKE INSURANCE? We accept PPO insurance as an out-of-network provider. We will provide you with a super bill that you may send to your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  In order to determine the net cost of your session using your PPO insurance, please research and compute your deductible, the total deductible amount already accrued for the calendar year, and the percentage of the therapy fee your insurance company will cover.

HOW LONG CAN I EXPECT TO BE IN THERAPY? The length of therapy is unique to each individual and couple and truly is determined by your life experiences and your goals for therapy, as well as the extent of your needs. At the beginning of treatment, we will work with you to determine your goals and then check in with you regularly to assess and re-evaluate.

HOW LONG IS EACH SESSION? Each session is 50-55 mins.  

WHAT ARE CULTIVATE'S FEES?  Our base fee for a Licensed Therapist is $160 per session. We also offer services with our registered associates for $130 per session. Our associates as well as some of our licensed therapists occasionally offer fees on a sliding scale. Please feel free to call us at 619.363.4787 to discuss fees and to determine if you are eligible for a sliding scale rate for therapy services. 

HOW FREQUENT ARE SESSIONS? Research shows that clients who engage in weekly therapy benefit more from their therapy experience than those who come in every other week. For this reason, we highly recommend scheduling weekly sessions. If you would prefer to meet more or less frequently, we would be happy to discuss a schedule that accommodates your financial and scheduling needs.

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