David Fulton 


M.A, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #98564 (Supervised by Bethany Noble-Lindsay) 

 I am a AMFT (AMFT98564) based in San Diego, CA and come to California most recently from Seattle where I was a clinician in private practice.

I offer weekday and weekend Psychotherapy appointments for those looking for what is and what's next. I work with individuals in a space to wonder how their stories, and the variety of characters in their lives, have contributed to their beauty and the brokenness as a person.

I specialize in long term psychotherapy for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and life transitions.  More specifically, I work extensively with the survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

Growth and healing are often paradoxical. Things die and new life comes. We weep and then joy breaks. We find the courage to hold hope and it breaks our hearts. When we choose to look at the truth of our stories and assess the impact they have on our lives we are then able to rebuild and imagine new life, perhaps for the first time. 


Abuse (sexual, verbal, physical, spiritual), Depression, Anxiety, Story Work