Come To Cultivate's Open HOUSe


Mi Casa Su Casa

Here at cultivate, we are pretty excited. Why, might you ask? Well because we are getting ready to open up our "home" to our friends, family and community. We have fallen in love with this space that strives to create warmth, inspiration, and wholeness- and to get the honor to share it with all of you, is so exciting for us.

Here's what we are excited to experience with you at Cultivate's open house:

- We can't wait for you to meet our team of therapists. We work with some really incredible therapists with a wide range of specialties. And not only that, but with therapists who are committed to being healthy themselves. Look for us all in our Cultivate shirts on the day of the open house, to know who is on the team at cultivate.

- Our space was designed with the intention of being enjoyed and experienced. When we dreamed up the space, we had some big goals for it. We worked with an incredible designer who knew our dream of having a warm and inspiring space, and he helped us create an environment we believe can be healing before you even start your session. We are so looking forward to sharing this space with you!

- Something we value in our lives is not only doing life with others, but sitting down for a meal with others. We believe there is something to this practice that brings out unity, generosity and just a sense of safe community. And so while, unfortunately, we won't get to sit down to a full meal together, we are excited to sit with you over donuts and coffee and share life for a moment.

We look forward to gathering with you on the 20th to show you around our "home."


Bethany, Lindsay, Ingvild, Hannah, Laurie, Sally, Kelly, Ellie & Heather

Open House at Cultivate:
August 20, 2017, 4-8pm
4406 Park Blvd. San Diego 92116