Here and Now Through EMDR Therapy

Throughout my journey as an EMDR and Resiliency Therapist Associate a new mindset has emerged within me about “Trauma, Therapy, and Mindfulness.” I will be discussing these discoveries in the Here and Now blog series through the EMDR perspective. This blog is not therapy. Please contact our staff to set up your appointment for a phone consultation with myself or one of our trained EMDR Clinicians. I hope you enjoy. Please email any feedback to

Part 1: Defining the Buzz Words: Trauma Therapy

Trauma is quite a buzz word in the 21st century and usually brings up images of wounded warriors or survivors of natural disasters. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, known as EMDR, is an evidence-based treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). However, EMDR as a therapeutic approach is highly effective in treating the full continuum of anxiety conditions and current life disturbances. A new and prominent theme of psychological science supports traumatic events are not always as concrete as life or death experiences.

Trauma, by definition, is Greek for "wound" or "to be wounded." In the psychological sphere, a wound is anything which created pain within the individual.  Interestingly, only the individual has the ability to identify their wounds. These traumatic memories block us from being here and now in the present moment because present-day anxieties are strongly linked to these painful early life memories and the beliefs we created.

“Therapy” has also become a hip buzz word fully integrated into our modern language as something soothing. It is a word used casually in regards to hitting the gym, petting a dog or even grabbing a delicious cup of coffee. While these examples can certainly be soothing, therapy is far more than an activity we enjoy or a behavior which increases pleasure. Therapy is actually short for psychotherapy. It started out as the talking cure in the early 1900’s for the gravely disturbed and has since evolved into a healing space for the development of self, the enrichment of relationships and relief from anxiety and other mental health concerns.  Today, psychotherapy is defined as “a treatment intended to relieve or heal disturbance,” and such treatment leads to a whole and happier life.

If we connect our definition of Trauma (WOUND) and Therapy (HEAL) we arrive at the purpose of EMDR and Trauma Therapy which is to heal our wounds. When stated so simply, trauma therapy isn’t just for the prisoners of wars. It is for anyone who has felt neglected, afraid, unloved, unsafe, out of control or hurt. To date, I have not met another human being who is without psychological pain because it is a fundamental aspect of the human experience to be wounded and it is our nature to HEAL.

What I have discovered is our bodies and minds want to heal and we are geared toward health! EMDR Therapy capitalizes on our amazing potential for growth and re-establishes our roots Here and Now. It is a scientific yet holistic path to profoundly heal. Who among us has never been hurt? Id say very few, which is why EMDR and trauma therapy is for more then just the most severe forms of trauma. EMDR is for us all!


Stay tuned for part 2: “Is your past haunting your present?”