Art Journaling - October 1st 2-4pm


I have vivid memories of my own experience of art journaling for the first time. I was in college and was in the midst of a crisis of faith and vocation. Words had lost their ability to comfort and bring about meaning. Out of desperation, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and stared at a stark white canvas with a variety of utensils at hand. With one brush stroke and awkward pencil drawing at a time, my grieving soul began to take shape on that canvas. What I began to see were things that had been hidden from my plain sight, but were bright and exposed in my subconscious. I began to see hope amidst my despair and began to hold myself with greater love and compassion.

Art journaling, like verbal journaling, is a way to record what's happening in your life. But instead of words, art journaling involves using your inner vision / imagination to reflect a thought, feeling, or emotional reaction through color, shape, or image. The act of using art allows the journaler to see in graphic form what was initially abstract or hidden. If you're naturally a visual person, this mode of journaling is especially powerful for you.

ANY ARTISTIC ABILITY WELCOME (even if you feel you have none)

What the workshop will look like:

- Guided inner reflection to help come up with an image to create

- Open time/space to create the image on paper (using a variety of mediums)

- Guided reflection on the image created

- Personal reflection and group sharing

You won't regret trying this! Twelve years later and I'm still journaling through art and encountering my deeper self.

Join me October 1st from 2-4pm - Art Journal and art supplies included in cost of $40. Email us at to sign up 

- Laurie Wevers, LMFT/ Spiritual Director