Hey there, I'm Laurie. I'm 33 years old and I'm single. Why does this sound like I'm at an AA meeting?? I think it's because as single people, we hear from many different sources (faith communities, media, culture) that there is something wrong with us. I don't think these sources mean to imply there is something wrong with us, but it feels implied in a variety of ways.

I used to hold so strongly to the belief that I would only find happiness and fulfillment once I found a husband. When that didn't happen for me over time, I realized I needed to find a new way to find personal happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. If I'm honest, I wish I could tell you this process was easy and painless. It was not. It was easier to fill my loneliness and lack of worthiness with men...even men I didn't even like dating; because having someone was better than having no one.

Now that I have been able to walk through a process of surrender and looking at my own insecurities, I have come to a new place. Yes, I would still love to be married, but at this point I have landed in a place where I believe deep contentment and fulfillment is still present for me, whether I'm married or not. No, I'm not in denial. I've just made peace with all of the messages that tell me I'm "less-than" as a single woman. Now my own voice is the loudest in the room, and I feel light and free. Singleness is NOT my identity; it's now just one of the many beautiful things that makes me ME.

But we can't do this alone ladies. We need to gather our wounded, lonely hearts and help each other find our true selves TOGETHER. So here's a start. I'll be offering a group for single women beginning in July (start date TBD). There will be a group for women in their 20's, and a group for women in their 30's. We'll talk about surrender. We'll talk about our wounds. We'll talk about our sexuality (which isn't dead, by the way). We'll laugh and tell stories. We will grow and become more whole in community.

So...all my single ladies...who's with me?

Laurie :)

PS - for more information and to register, email Laurie at: laurie@cultivatesandiego.com